General talks

Theory of Four Philosophies November 1984´╗┐

Why We Practice Zazen August 1987

Introduction to Master Dogen’s Thought May 1987

Relationship between Buddhism and Theory December 1986

The Philosophy of Action 1

The Philosophy of Action 2

The Philosophy of Action 3

Leaving Family Life – A talk on the necessity of transcending the structure of society and family life to study the Buddhist truth October 1984

Mulamadhyamakakarika – A talk on the meaning of Nagarjuna’s seminal work January 1996

Science and Buddhism – A discussion between Nishijima Roshi and his students Mike Luetchford and Ben Klamph on the Buddhist and scientific understandings of emotions.

Why do we sit? – Talk to Maezumi Roshi’s students at Zen Mountain Center in November 1987

´╗┐Kokoro no Jidai – Audio recording of NHK TV’s Sunday morning religious program, “Kokoro no Jidai” (The Era of the Spirit) in February 1990. The one-hour program interviewed Nishjima Roshi about his life and translation of Dogen’s work, and his efforts to teach buddhism. (In Japanese)